Works in Progress

Being a writer, I’ve always hoped that my work could be published one day–I dwell in the worlds of YA dystopian, fantasy, and science fiction. Here are the current books I’ve been working on, with little summaries and statuses I’ll be sure to update.


  • Genre – a YA dystopian novel, with hints of fantasy
  • The story centers around a girl in a society, where on everyone’s sixteenth birthday, they receive a book with their fate written inside. On her “Day of Advancement”, or sixteenth birthday, she discovers her Book of Fate is blank. She’s supposed to write her own fictional story in her new journal, beside the Scribe, who was supposed to have written it out for her.
  • As of July 16, first draft complete! Finally! Right now, I’m in the revision stage, and it’s going pretty well.
  • Once I finish all that, the outline for a *maybe* sequel will be underway (don’t worry–it’s not a trilogy, like all the other YA dystopians out there)


  • Genre – YA fantasy, outside our world
  • People called “Reclaimers”, who are able to harness a weapon manifesting in their souls, are supposed to battle the evils known as Shades and Wraiths.
  • This is a story I had an idea for before THE SCRIBE, but that book took over, so this one has been on hiatus until the other one’s complete.

Hopefully, one of these books has the potential to publish in the future! Even if not, it’s an achievement to call yourself “a novelist”–if I just completed one of these books, I’d be happy enough just knowing it’s something.


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