Midnight – A Short Story (Excerpt)

Hello, all! So, I’ve decided to post an excerpt from a short story I’m writing currently. Also… it’s a really, really short excerpt, because I couldn’t think of any other good place to cut it off. Also, the title is subject to change.

But really, I’m only posting an excerpt because this is the first short story of mine that I actually feel is worthy of publishing somewhere. The genre is realistic fiction, I guess… with a twinge of fantasy? So, here you are!


A pair of twins, born minutes apart, on both sides of midnight. The twin of yesterday was seemingly similar to the twin of tomorrow in most aspects. But character was a different story.

One was given the name Phoebe Cassandra Wells. The other, Lilith Melanie Wells.

One was the personification of innocence. The other, harsh reality.

Five years old.

“Teacher, teacher, Lilith Wells drew on my picture!”

The teacher sighed; the third time this week already that a child had complained for the same reason. She walked over to Lilith, who was holding a black crayon, her eyes narrowed as she stared at the piece of paper before her.

“Lilith, why did you draw on Eliana’s picture?”

Lilith didn’t look her in the eye, only crossed her arms. “It didn’t look good. She must learn that sometimes her things will be ruined.”

“But that doesn’t mean you should do that. See, your sister. She isn’t ruining anyone’s drawings, is she?” The teacher pointed to Phoebe.

She was in the corner of the room, sitting in between to other girls. They were all drawing, and once in a while Phoebe would point at one of her friends’ pictures and give a thumbs up. They were all smiling.

“No.” Lilith said.

“Then why do you do it?”

Lilith went to sit back in her seat. “Because I’m not Phoebe.”

The teacher sighed again, and Lilith tried to ignore it. “Please, I want you to be good to your friends. I might have to call home again about this, okay?”

“Okay.” Lilith said. She looked back at the ruined picture beside her, then at the girl the teacher was now comforting. Apparently, Eliana had been drawing a field of flowers. Lilith claimed she wanted to make it nighttime.

At the end of the school day, Phoebe always skipped over to Lilith and put her arm around her. “Hello, Lilith. Did you know your name sounds like Lily?”

“Does it?” Lilith asked. She thought for a second. “Oh, it does. Are you going to call me Lily from now on?”

Phoebe shook her head. “No, because I know you don’t like nicknames.” she said, and Lilith nodded. “I was drawing flowers with Tara and McKenzie. I drew a lily for you!” She held up the piece of paper, which had a clumsily drawn, but still recognizable flower.

“Thank you.” Lilith said. She took the paper. Phoebe beamed.

“Did you know, Tara is an extraordinary artist.” Phoebe said, putting her hands together as she started to walk away. Lilith followed her. “She drew a little rose, and it looked very, very pretty. You should draw with us.”

“No, I’ll draw alone.”

“Oh, that’s sad, Lilith.” Phoebe said. But her cheery disposition never faltered. “One day, we’ll draw together, okay? And I’ll teach you how to draw a lily, too.”

It was really short… I feel ashamed… But if people would like to read more, I’d be happy to post more of the short story!

Also, since this post was quite short, I’ll provide a good resource for writers out there. The post is called “5 Short Stories That Will Make You a Better Writer” (this links to the post in a new window). It’s from another WordPress blog, and these short stories really have a significant impact on readers!

I wish you happy reading!