Cognitive Functions: Te vs. Ti

Another post on the cognitive functions–yay! Now, the Thinking functions are my weak spot in explaining. But I made this post in the hopes that it would teach me something more about them as well. So, this will be focusing on Te (Extraverted Thinking) and Ti (Introverted Thinking) from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

Extraverted Thinking:

This function helps with organizing the environment and making sure every action is as efficient as possible. People who use this function are primarily good at organizing people and things to work in a way they see as the most effective. They easily follow logic,sequence, and organization, and they also rely on the facts in front of them, or from experience.

Introverted Thinking:

This function can take things or ideas apart to understand how they work. This takes place when they are trying to reason through something. It can also be seen in their problem solving and analysis. For someone who uses Ti well, all of this is done according to their principles. People who use Introverted thinking also like finding the perfect word to classify or express something, like an idea or concept.

Te vs Ti (bullet format)

  •  Te is more associated with control over their environment, while Ti is more associated with “self control”
  • Te-dominant is best at organizing, and Ti-dominant has a very strong problem-solving ability
  • Voice Patterns: Te users have dry, hard tones, that are steady. This shows the listener that they are reliable and secure; sounds very certain. As for Ti users, they are clear and concise. This comes across as critical or analytical.
  • Te is more efficient in their reasoning; Ti is more careful
  • Te is more of a “doer”, taking action; Ti is more of an “investigator”, and analyzes information
  • Te-dominant is extremely driven to accomplish goals, and Ti-dominant is wanting to get as much information as possible
  • Te is more quantity, and Ti is more quality

Yes, this taught me a lot about the functions. I hope you’ll gain some more in-depth knowledge on them as well. If you want a really good resource on all eight functions, I recommend here:

It’s my go-to site whenever I want to explain any one of the functions to someone. Until next time!


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