Cognitive Functions: Ne vs. Ni

Okay, an actual post about cognitive functions–let’s do this.

This first one of many to come focuses on the difference between Ne (extraverted iNtuition) and Ni (introverted iNtuition).  Keep in mind I’m still an amateur, so bear with me.

Extraverted Intuition:

These are people that have minds constantly switching from one topic to the next, thinking up new possibilities. They often don’t focus intensely on one thing–instead, it’s more of the big picture. Extraverted intuition users find joy in brainstorming multiple theories. They have trouble settling on only one of their ideas, however, since they always develop so many more they have to focus on. Everything has to be explored; everything is connected.

Introverted Intuition:

They usually seek for one single answer from a myriad of sources. Unlike extraverted intuition, one topic or idea is usually focused on before moving to an entirely different one. They use the ones that match up with their “data”, and get rid of the ones which are irrelevant or don’t fit in with the final answer. They’re also better at getting multiple ideas into their final conclusion, even though it may take more time. They refer to each idea as separate, but are good at bringing them together into one final conclusion.

Ne vs Ni (in very efficient bullets)

  • Ne comes to conclusions faster, but Ni can actually support their conclusions with evidence.
    • Ne conclusions may be made, but they have trouble making them firm. Ni conclusions take more time, but are much more confident.
  • Ne-dominant users love to take things apart, while Ni-dominant users are best at constructing possibilities and reliable conclusions.
  • Voice Patterns linked to Functions: Ne users has a quicker, shifting voice tone which is more excited. Ni has a slowly fading, drifting voice on a clear path to a certain point, and then it starts fading again.
  • Ne-dominants are more expansive in their activities, like taking up more and more hobbies. Ni-dominants may “experiment” with different hobbies and interests, but there will always be one or two definite ones.
  • Ne users may read more extensively, while Ni users may feel less compelled to do so.
  • Ne sees the possibilities, Ni notices the patterns
  • BOTH are able to see the “big picture” regarding their ideas and information.

Again, I’m not an expert. If you want a really, really good source, I recommend this site: (Links directly to the page on the Eight Functions)

He knows what he’s talking about. The MBTI is amazing, and I personally think more people should know about it. Until next time!


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So, what exactly is this blog for? I’m glad you asked. Mainly, I hope to find more research on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and share my findings with anyone interested. Maybe a few Enneagram things as well (4w5, right here). That’s only the main reason, since I’ll also be posting things that seem irrelevant to you–such as Japanese songs from my favorite anime. I also hope to review some anime and books I read, so brace yourselves. You might just put your fate into the hands of a fourteen-year-old girl. (yes, that was dramatic, don’t judge)

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