Cognitive Functions: Se vs Si

Another post on the cognitive functions, and the final one comparing two opposites, an extrovert vs an introvert. This post will look at the functions Se and Si–Extraverted Sensing and Introverted Sensing. Both are functions that are focused on facts and the outside world, but in entirely different ways. I present to you, the fourth cognitive functions post–Se vs Si.

Extraverted Sensing

This function is one that is acutely aware of the world around them. It is in tune with the five senses primary senses, focused on “living in the moment”. People with this dominant function often don’t want to waste a second, taking risks and jumping to an opportunity. For this reason, they can leap right into things, and can likely do things they’ll regret–they’re thinking about the here and now, not the aftermath. By taking action, this type of function can make their user chase a thrill, even if the consequences end up to be negative.

Introverted Sensing

This function is more in-tune with their “inner body sensations”, such as pain, tension, feeling uncomfortable, or hunger. They are very aware of the present moment, but by doing so, they’re also comparing the current situation to one of the past, or taking note of what is happening for the future. People who use this function dominantly can be traditional, and slower to take action, as they are more careful. They can also have a strong, nostalgic connection to their pasts and people who mean a lot to them.

Se vs Si (bullet format)

  • Se-users take immediate action; Si-users first process the information
  • Se is focused on the here and now, while Si is focused on both the past and present
  • Se takes opportunities without a second thought; Si compares the situation to ones of the past
  • Voice Patterns: Se users have a strong, steady tone, with a smooth convention of their speech. Si users have a rhythmic, quality voice, that can be interpreted as predictable–it can make the listener feel calm and at ease, trusting the speaker.
  • Se takes risks, and Si is more cautious
  • Se can easily remember recent things; Si can easily remember memories of the past

There you have it–the last two cognitive functions of the MBTI, compared and contrasted. Hopefully, this article was helpful to anyone who wished to distinguish between the two. As always, thanks for reading–and until next time!


Cognitive Functions: Fi vs. Fe

One of the most important functions pairs to be able to discern between is Fi (Introverted Feeling) and Fe (Extraverted Feeling). They may seem, extremely similar, since they both revolve around emotions, but the types of emotions they focus on are entirely different. So, in my third cognitive functions post, let’s delve into the Feeling functions of the MBTI.

Extraverted Feeling:

People who use this function well are more in-tune with the feelings of others, more so than their own. They can easily reflect the feelings of others, but may have a harder time knowing exactly how they feel or what they want. By being so influenced by others’ emotions, they can adapt in different situations as well. They often strive for harmony in their “outer world” (hence, being an extraverted function), working to adapt for the good of others, but in the process may forget their own needs. They are also very concerned with being polite and keeping etiquette–and they expect others to do the same.

Introverted Feeling:

People with this function are more independent as to what their own feelings are. And, these emotions are more based off of their own past experiences and morals shaped around them. If they can’t identify with others’ emotions, they may even seem insensitive, because of how focused they are on their own inner workings. Fi doesn’t want to adapt like Fe; instead, their feelings come from within themselves. They want to be authentic as their own individual, staying true to themselves. They are much more sure of their own feelings, since they have been building up a moral structure for some time.

Fe vs. Fi (bullet format)

  • Fe works best with the emotions of others, while Fi is best with their own emotions.
  • Fe tries to adapt and reflect what others feel. Fi has their own shared personal experiences, which are naturally more sincere.
  • Voice Patterns: Fe users have round, warm tones, which allows them to crate a better connection between them and the listener. Fi users have round tones which are more faded, making them seem involved and genuine.
  • Fe strives to help create balance between others, Fi wants to share similar emotional experiences
  • Fe notices how they make others feel, and Fi notices how others make them feel
  • Fe asks how they feel things should be, Fi asks themselves how they feel.

Okay, finally, the third functions post! I hope anyone who read learned a little more about these functions. As I’ve said before, this is a learning experience for myself as well. Until the next post!

Midnight – A Short Story (Excerpt)

Hello, all! So, I’ve decided to post an excerpt from a short story I’m writing currently. Also… it’s a really, really short excerpt, because I couldn’t think of any other good place to cut it off. Also, the title is subject to change.

But really, I’m only posting an excerpt because this is the first short story of mine that I actually feel is worthy of publishing somewhere. The genre is realistic fiction, I guess… with a twinge of fantasy? So, here you are!


A pair of twins, born minutes apart, on both sides of midnight. The twin of yesterday was seemingly similar to the twin of tomorrow in most aspects. But character was a different story.

One was given the name Phoebe Cassandra Wells. The other, Lilith Melanie Wells.

One was the personification of innocence. The other, harsh reality.

Five years old.

“Teacher, teacher, Lilith Wells drew on my picture!”

The teacher sighed; the third time this week already that a child had complained for the same reason. She walked over to Lilith, who was holding a black crayon, her eyes narrowed as she stared at the piece of paper before her.

“Lilith, why did you draw on Eliana’s picture?”

Lilith didn’t look her in the eye, only crossed her arms. “It didn’t look good. She must learn that sometimes her things will be ruined.”

“But that doesn’t mean you should do that. See, your sister. She isn’t ruining anyone’s drawings, is she?” The teacher pointed to Phoebe.

She was in the corner of the room, sitting in between to other girls. They were all drawing, and once in a while Phoebe would point at one of her friends’ pictures and give a thumbs up. They were all smiling.

“No.” Lilith said.

“Then why do you do it?”

Lilith went to sit back in her seat. “Because I’m not Phoebe.”

The teacher sighed again, and Lilith tried to ignore it. “Please, I want you to be good to your friends. I might have to call home again about this, okay?”

“Okay.” Lilith said. She looked back at the ruined picture beside her, then at the girl the teacher was now comforting. Apparently, Eliana had been drawing a field of flowers. Lilith claimed she wanted to make it nighttime.

At the end of the school day, Phoebe always skipped over to Lilith and put her arm around her. “Hello, Lilith. Did you know your name sounds like Lily?”

“Does it?” Lilith asked. She thought for a second. “Oh, it does. Are you going to call me Lily from now on?”

Phoebe shook her head. “No, because I know you don’t like nicknames.” she said, and Lilith nodded. “I was drawing flowers with Tara and McKenzie. I drew a lily for you!” She held up the piece of paper, which had a clumsily drawn, but still recognizable flower.

“Thank you.” Lilith said. She took the paper. Phoebe beamed.

“Did you know, Tara is an extraordinary artist.” Phoebe said, putting her hands together as she started to walk away. Lilith followed her. “She drew a little rose, and it looked very, very pretty. You should draw with us.”

“No, I’ll draw alone.”

“Oh, that’s sad, Lilith.” Phoebe said. But her cheery disposition never faltered. “One day, we’ll draw together, okay? And I’ll teach you how to draw a lily, too.”

It was really short… I feel ashamed… But if people would like to read more, I’d be happy to post more of the short story!

Also, since this post was quite short, I’ll provide a good resource for writers out there. The post is called “5 Short Stories That Will Make You a Better Writer” (this links to the post in a new window). It’s from another WordPress blog, and these short stories really have a significant impact on readers!

I wish you happy reading!

Cognitive Functions: Te vs. Ti

Another post on the cognitive functions–yay! Now, the Thinking functions are my weak spot in explaining. But I made this post in the hopes that it would teach me something more about them as well. So, this will be focusing on Te (Extraverted Thinking) and Ti (Introverted Thinking) from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

Extraverted Thinking:

This function helps with organizing the environment and making sure every action is as efficient as possible. People who use this function are primarily good at organizing people and things to work in a way they see as the most effective. They easily follow logic,sequence, and organization, and they also rely on the facts in front of them, or from experience.

Introverted Thinking:

This function can take things or ideas apart to understand how they work. This takes place when they are trying to reason through something. It can also be seen in their problem solving and analysis. For someone who uses Ti well, all of this is done according to their principles. People who use Introverted thinking also like finding the perfect word to classify or express something, like an idea or concept.

Te vs Ti (bullet format)

  •  Te is more associated with control over their environment, while Ti is more associated with “self control”
  • Te-dominant is best at organizing, and Ti-dominant has a very strong problem-solving ability
  • Voice Patterns: Te users have dry, hard tones, that are steady. This shows the listener that they are reliable and secure; sounds very certain. As for Ti users, they are clear and concise. This comes across as critical or analytical.
  • Te is more efficient in their reasoning; Ti is more careful
  • Te is more of a “doer”, taking action; Ti is more of an “investigator”, and analyzes information
  • Te-dominant is extremely driven to accomplish goals, and Ti-dominant is wanting to get as much information as possible
  • Te is more quantity, and Ti is more quality

Yes, this taught me a lot about the functions. I hope you’ll gain some more in-depth knowledge on them as well. If you want a really good resource on all eight functions, I recommend here:

It’s my go-to site whenever I want to explain any one of the functions to someone. Until next time!

A List of Thought-Provoking Questions

You may have seen lists like this before–they ask questions that they claim can change your perspective on life forever. And some of those questions really can, if you take the time to read and think about them. So here’s my list of questions you could take the time to think about.

  1. If you could send any message to the world in under thirty seconds, what would it be?
  2. If there were a mirror that could reveal your true character, what do you think it would show? Would you look?
  3. If you knew you had only five years left to live, what would you do within that time?
  4. Would you rather be rich and live for fifty years, or very poor but live as long as you wanted (or needed)?
  5. If someone wrote a biography on your life after you died, what would it commend you for?
  6. What did you enjoy doing as a child, but may not now–and what made you stop?
  7. What is more important: your resume or your eulogy?
  8. What color are you?
  9. If you were a soul clinging to earth because of a lingering attachment, what would it be?
  10. How much do you believe you have shaped your own destiny–and how much is down to fate?
  11. If you knew nobody would judge you, what would you do?
  12. If you could ask anyone in the world one question, what would it be?
  13. What is your greatest strength and weakness?
  14. What role does honor play in today’s society?
  15. If your name was the definition under one word in the dictionary, what would it be? On both a positive and negative note?
  16. What is true intelligence?
  17. Is being open-minded a virtue, if it’s causing destructive ideas to spread throughout society?
  18. Who is the wisest person you have ever known personally? Are you still in contact with them?
  19. If you were to disappear right now, without warning while being alone, who would notice you were missing the soonest?
  20. What is the meaning of meaning?
  21. What is the true purpose of life and death?
  22. If you could only pick one of your dreams to come true, what would it be? If you had to choose one dream to live the rest of your life in, which one would it be?
  23. Do you believe in alternate dimensions?
  24. How do you think? How do you develop ideas?

Former Thoughts – A Short Story

So, I’ve decided I’m going to post a little story I wrote a few days ago–I’ll just say this: my strength is in poetry, not short stories. But I’m choosing to post these publicly because I hope to gain some constructive criticism. This one is called Former Thoughts – I think it’s more of a fantasy genre.  I hope you enjoy reading!

Former Thoughts

            I used to think the Neighbors were kind. I had trusted them since I was little. But apparently, they have a grudge once you’ve changed.

Their gate was hidden in the cobbled wall near my home. Their words always echoed in my mind—“Mind your manners.”

I knocked three times. “Please.” I said. My memories flashed back to when I was seven, a time that seemed an eternity in the past.

“Pretty please, open the gate?” I’d ask. I would say it once for every knock I would pound noisily against the wall.

Now, I watched as the wall of rock dispersed to reveal a tangle of vines that seemed to hang in the air. I walked through them slowly, as I always did. The Neighbors always said the vines could get angry if you bothered them too much.

Now in front of me was the green door with the red knocker. It was a griffin, they’d remind me every time I forgot, when my mind was still young. I took hold of it, knocking twice.

“Is it Talia?” the voice inside asked.

“My name is only a restriction to what I have potential to be.” I replied sharply. I heard Grandmother’s broken laugh behind the thin door, and she let me in. I had to duck my head so I wouldn’t hit it on the top of the door frame.

“You’ve grown, Talia.” she said as she closed the door. Her eyes, one blind and one fully functional, stared right at me.

I sighed. “I’m eighteen. Of course I’ve grown—I’m not five anymore.”

Grandmother set her lips in a straight line. “Grandfather and Brother have missed you.”

“I haven’t had the time to visit.” I sighed. “College is coming, remember? I’m not staying here forever, you know.”

She reached out one arm to grab onto mine. With experience, I had learned the old woman had a tougher grip than it seemed. She used to act as a guardian for me when I was young.

“Know that your name will never define you.”

            “You told me yesterday, Grandmother.”

            “I know. But you can never forget that.”

“You can’t leave, Talia.” she said. “You’re one of us. You don’t belong out there, in that harsh world.”

“Well, in this society, it’s kind of a requirement.” I said.

Grandmother released my arm. She slowly inched her way towards one of the chairs sitting by a fireplace. “Touch your hair.”


“Please, do as I say.” she said.

I touched my hair.

“What color is it?” Grandmother asked.

I knew her vision was bad, but she wasn’t color blind, that was for sure. “It’s blonde, Grandmother.”

“A sickly, pale blonde.” she said slowly. “Almost white.”

“No, it’s not—“

I stopped, stretching my hand out that was holding strands of my hair. They were white, almost transparent. I didn’t scream; I only made my arm go limp, releasing my hair simultaneously.

“Change it back.” I said sternly. Grandmother always played tricks on me when she was annoyed. Levitating a chair to surprise me, making the lights flicker. But she never did anything like this.

The old woman raised her shoulders slowly, and then let them fall. “I can’t.” she confessed.

“What do you mean, you can’t? Your magic is strong enough, isn’t it?”
“Of course it is.” she said. Grandmother chuckled. But this one was different from the others—this one had emotion behind it. And it wasn’t pleasant.

“So change it back.“

“No, I can’t. Because you’re staying here.”

I shook my head. She wasn’t going this far to punish me, was she? “I apologize, Grandmother, but I’ll be leaving now.” I turned around. Blocking my way to the door was Grandfather.

His head was tipped slightly to one side. “Where do you think you’re going, Talia?” he asked silently.


“But this is your home. We’re your home.” he said. He was always the one who tried to reach out to me sympathetically—Grandmother was the one who didn’t care what you felt. “Now, go say hello to Brother.”

I grunted, but still made my way to the little window that was in one of the walls. It revealed another room, the one where Brother always stayed. For once, he was actually there.

“Hello, Brother.” I said. I saw his lips moving soundlessly. I knew he could hear me, but I could never hear him.

The first of few conversations I had with him was when I was nine. He looked to be older than me, maybe by four years. Apparently, he’d been there even when I first met Grandmother two years before. He just preferred to stay hidden, away from the window.

“Why do you always like to hide, Brother?”

            He used a little notepad—“I’m an introvert.”

            “Oh. I don’t like people either. But I like you.”


            Now he sat in front of me, not using the notepad I saw in his hands. His eyes were blank, just as they always were.

But his lips moved in one fluid motion—he was trying to say something without the notepad. It seemed like they would just open and close, and I couldn’t find out what he was saying.

“Brother.” Grandfather said. “Use the notepad if you want to say something.”

He didn’t acknowledge Grandfather at all. He just kept looking at me, trying to speak even though he knew I wouldn’t hear him.

“I can’t hear you.” I sighed. I turned away, now meeting Grandmother’s gaze by the fireplace. “I’m leaving. That’s all the time I have today.”

She only stared at me. After the longest pause, she said, “The older they become, the more disrespectful they are. Isn’t that right, Grandfather?”

He nodded.

“And we’ve tried to keep you as innocent and kind as possible, but we couldn’t. And it’s made us upset.” Grandmother said.

“I’m not that rude.” I muttered. “At least, I’m much nicer than the rest of the world is. And—“

“It’s all thanks to us.” Grandmother said, interrupting me. And all of a sudden, I realized that this wasn’t the Grandmother I knew. Grandmother never interrupted.


The little girl walked into the house with Grandmother’s hand guiding her. “It smells even prettier today.” she said. Grandmother only smiled.

She was looking around the room, smiling at every detail. Her eyes shimmered. But then, she noticed the window, where Brother was sitting. Her whole expression changed—from awe t hesitant curiousity.

She ran up to him, getting her face so close it was almost touching the window. “Hello.” she said. Brother nodded.

Grandmother was coming up to her, and put a hand on her back. “This is Brother. He likes to keep hidden, so you haven’t seen him.”

The girl’s smile returned. “Oh, I see. Hi, Brother!” she yelled, waving enthusiastically.

He whispered something.

The girl tipped her head, confused. “Grandmother, I can’t hear him!” she exclaimed, pouting.

“He should be using the notepad.” Grandmother said. “Come now, Brother, please.” Now, Grandmother’s eyes flashed with some sort of remembering. “And while we’re at it. There’s someone else you should meet, child.” And she gestured to me. “Kirsten, that is Sister. Say hello, both of you.”

I walked up to the window. I picked up my notepad and scribbled “Hello” on it. I pressed it to the glass.

Kirsten smiled. “Hello, Sister!” she said, smiling. Her face was innocence all in itself—no wonder Grandmother chose her.

I didn’t reply. Brother put a hand on my shoulder.

“We’re warning this one sooner.” he said.

And I nodded.

Cognitive Functions: Ne vs. Ni

Okay, an actual post about cognitive functions–let’s do this.

This first one of many to come focuses on the difference between Ne (extraverted iNtuition) and Ni (introverted iNtuition).  Keep in mind I’m still an amateur, so bear with me.

Extraverted Intuition:

These are people that have minds constantly switching from one topic to the next, thinking up new possibilities. They often don’t focus intensely on one thing–instead, it’s more of the big picture. Extraverted intuition users find joy in brainstorming multiple theories. They have trouble settling on only one of their ideas, however, since they always develop so many more they have to focus on. Everything has to be explored; everything is connected.

Introverted Intuition:

They usually seek for one single answer from a myriad of sources. Unlike extraverted intuition, one topic or idea is usually focused on before moving to an entirely different one. They use the ones that match up with their “data”, and get rid of the ones which are irrelevant or don’t fit in with the final answer. They’re also better at getting multiple ideas into their final conclusion, even though it may take more time. They refer to each idea as separate, but are good at bringing them together into one final conclusion.

Ne vs Ni (in very efficient bullets)

  • Ne comes to conclusions faster, but Ni can actually support their conclusions with evidence.
    • Ne conclusions may be made, but they have trouble making them firm. Ni conclusions take more time, but are much more confident.
  • Ne-dominant users love to take things apart, while Ni-dominant users are best at constructing possibilities and reliable conclusions.
  • Voice Patterns linked to Functions: Ne users has a quicker, shifting voice tone which is more excited. Ni has a slowly fading, drifting voice on a clear path to a certain point, and then it starts fading again.
  • Ne-dominants are more expansive in their activities, like taking up more and more hobbies. Ni-dominants may “experiment” with different hobbies and interests, but there will always be one or two definite ones.
  • Ne users may read more extensively, while Ni users may feel less compelled to do so.
  • Ne sees the possibilities, Ni notices the patterns
  • BOTH are able to see the “big picture” regarding their ideas and information.

Again, I’m not an expert. If you want a really, really good source, I recommend this site: (Links directly to the page on the Eight Functions)

He knows what he’s talking about. The MBTI is amazing, and I personally think more people should know about it. Until next time!

Welcome to the Blog!

Hello, person! This is MoonstoneSky–female, INFJ, bibliophile, etc. I’m (at the time of writing this) fourteen years old–young for starting a blog, I know. But this isn’t for business, it’s for recreation. I just want to show other people information they might not have been aware of before. Something I plan to follow through with throughout my high school years, and if all goes well, into college.

So, what exactly is this blog for? I’m glad you asked. Mainly, I hope to find more research on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and share my findings with anyone interested. Maybe a few Enneagram things as well (4w5, right here). That’s only the main reason, since I’ll also be posting things that seem irrelevant to you–such as Japanese songs from my favorite anime. I also hope to review some anime and books I read, so brace yourselves. You might just put your fate into the hands of a fourteen-year-old girl. (yes, that was dramatic, don’t judge)

And–I promise, this is the last one–I’ll be posting resources I find for aspiring authors. Mostly regarding fiction, since that’s where I dwell in the world of writing. I might post a few short stories for your reading pleasure–and comments are always encouraged!

Actually, I’ll always encourage comments, no matter what the post is. And feel free to contact me: email, And I’m on the INFJ forums (, with the username MoonstoneSky.

Until next time!